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The power of stories

مرسی از دوستانی که در برنامه شاهنامه فراتر از کتاب پادشاهان شرکت کردند. در ابتدا ویدئوی بالا را تماشا کردیم و بعد در گروه های کوچک با مقایسه ی بین تستی که زال برای پذیرش در جامعه پشت سرگذاشت و آنچه امروزه برای اقامت دائم از مهاجران پرسیده می شود، به جامعه ی امروزی و نحوه ی برخورد با تفاوت ها صحبت کردیم. ممنون از همه ی دوستانی که در گفتگو شرکت داشتند. سپاس از نظرات، پیشنهادات و انتقادات شما.

Through connecting with the School of Integration's team of organisers and teachers I now have some good memory from 2020. Despite hardship and pain that came with the past year we managed to go ahead with recording the sessions which are currently been shared. Shahnameh, more than a book of kings was screened on 16th March 2021. For future events of the School of Integration click here.

Special thanks to the team and to each and everyone who attended Shahnameh, more than a Book of Kings. At the end of the session I asked those who didn't mind being in the photo to stay behind and have their photo taken. Thanks you all.

After watching the video we were divided into smaller groups and through a comparison between the tests that Zal had to pass to be accepted in the society with the Life in the UK test (for naturalization) we discussed how today's society is treating differences. Many thought provoking discussions initiated. For me personally, the talk around the word tolerance was very interesting. Tolerance like integration should be representative of a two way relationship! I am sharing just some of many kind comments that participants wrote on the day. Thanks for your generous comments:

  • I'm looking forward to my khareji (means from overseas) husband learning more about Iran

  • What an excellent presentation with feeling and lair.

  • There's something for me about humility and people standing back listening and being able to change course - and to simply not concern themselves with "losing face" important to feel ways into this way of being - the story does that

  • Simurgh and Sindukht are wise, powerful, and loving maternal figures.

  • Excellent Presentation- A very skilful storyteller. Many profound issues covered. Much to talk about.

  • So amazing, and what an important take away message!!!

  • I remember doing the test at the School of Integration and failed… badly.

  • OMG that was a great conversation!

  • Didn't like the word 'tolerate' lead to a great thoughtful conversation.

  • Need to look into ourselves and challenge our own intolerances and challenge the narratives fed us.

  • Intolerance has become more insidious.

  • Education is the key and we all have to work toward accepting each other.

  • This has been so profoundly beautiful, it is great to be having these conversations and so openly.

  • Need to change the education system. To learn about different backgrounds & histories. Life is very hard for the first generation to integrate into the society. Feeling stuck between countries and nationalities. New generations from different cultures need to understand and appreciate their heritage. The system needs to work better to erase the negative thoughts and behaviour against the different backgrounds.

Thanks also for a comment that I have received from F.M. an academic who works on Shahnameh. "I realise you were sharing the known legends about Ferdowsi but I was just thinking that perhaps now that we know that Ferdowsi never went to Ghazna, that Mahmud never paid him silver instead of gold, that he was not in the bathhouse, etc I wonder if this could be slightly revised now."

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