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Official Documents


1) Objects:

Using Persian literature (Shahnameh as a sample literature) to foster dialogue and debate amongst people to help understanding and networking as a way of integrating a minority population in the wider society. It also uses the arts and literature by showcasing Persian culture for the advances of humanity and education of the general public. Friends of Shahnameh is not for profit organisation.


2) Powers:

Friends of Shahnameh shall have the following powers to:

Raise funds and apply for, invite, obtain, collect and receive contributions, grants, subscriptions, fees and otherwise.

Employ any paid worker to assist in the attainment of the aims of the group.

Rent or own property and equipment necessary to achieve the aims.

Affiliate to any local or national group or association that the Management Committee decides is appropriate and disaffiliate from any group or  organisation if continued affiliation be, in the Management Committee’s view, against the interests of the group.

Do all such other lawful things as shall further the attainment of the aims.


3) Membership:

Membership of the group is open to individuals interested in culture and Persian literature.

The Management Committee may terminate any membership of any member bringing the group into disrepute. The member concerned shall have the right to be heard by the committee before a final decision is made. All members will be subject to the constitution and codes of conduct adopted by the group. All members will be subject to the constitution and codes of conduct adopted by the group.


4) The Management Committee:

The Management Committee shall manage and control the affairs of the group and shall consists of 4 members (Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Venerable Adult Officer who can act as the promoter, too). The Management Committee may lay down procedures for the introduction of prospective new members.

Keep accurate accounts of the Finance of the group through the Treasurer and to provide the annual account for the Annual General meeting.

The proceedings of the Management Committee shall not be invalidated by any vacancy among their number or by any failure to appoint or any defect in the appointment or qualification of a member.

No person shall be appointed as a member of the Management Committee who is aged under 18.

No person shall be entitled to act as a member of the Management Committee whether on a first or any subsequent entry into office until after signing in the minute book of the Management Committee a declaration of acceptance and willingness to act in the trusts of the group.


5)   Meetings and Proceedings of the Management Committee:

The Management Committee shall hold at least one ordinary meeting each year.

The chairperson shall act as the chair at meetings of the Management Committee. If the chairperson is absent from any meeting, the members of the Management Committee present shall choose one of their number to be chairperson of the meeting before any other business is transacted.

There shall be a quorum when two/third members of the Management Committee are present at the meeting.

The Management Committee shall keep minutes, in books kept for the purpose, of the proceedings at meetings of the Management Committee and any sub-committee.

 The Management Committee may from time to time make or alter the byelaws of the group. 

The Management Committee may appoint one or more advisory or sub-committees consisting of two or more members of the Management Committee for the purpose of making any enquiry or supervising or performing any function or duty which in the opinion of the Management Committee would be more conveniently undertaken or carried out by a sub-committee: provided that all acts and proceedings of any sub-committee shall be fully and promptly reported to the Management Committee.

The Management Committee shall ensure that at all times the group and its members shall comply with all legal requirements in force from time to time and any rules appertaining to the conduct of the activities being undertaken.

6) Annual General Meeting:

There shall be an annual general meeting of the group which shall be held each year within two months of the end of the group’s financial year or as soon after as is practicable.

Every Annual General Meeting shall be called by the Management Committee.

The chair of the group shall be the chairperson of each Annual General Meeting, but if they are not present, before any other business is transacted, the persons present shall appoint a chairperson of the meeting.

The Management Committee shall present to each Annual General Meeting the report and accounts of the group for the preceding financial year.

7) Procedure at General Meetings:

 The Secretary or other person specially appointed by the Management Committee shall keep a full record of proceedings at every general meeting of the Club.

There shall be a quorum when at least 2 of the number of the Management Committee are present at any general meeting.

If after 30 minutes from the time stated for the commencement of the meeting there are still insufficient members present to form a quorum, the meeting shall be adjourned to another time and place. The adjourned meeting shall take place within 42 days of the date of the original meeting, or as soon after as is practicable.



8) Receipts and Expenditure

The funds of the group, including all donations, contributions and bequests,

shall be applied only in furthering the objects of the group.


9) Notices:

Any notice required to be served on any member of the Club shall be in writing and shall be served by the Secretary or the Management Committee on such member either personally or by sending it electronically or through the post in a prepaid letter addressed to the member at his or her last known address in the United Kingdom, and any letter so sent shall be deemed to have been received within 10 days of posting.


10) Alteration to the Constitution:

The constitution may be altered by a resolution supported by not less than two-thirds of the members present and voting at a general meeting. The notice of the general meeting must include notice of the resolution, setting out the terms of the alteration proposed. 


11) Dissolution:

If the Management Committee decides that it is necessary or advisable to dissolve the group it shall call a meeting of all Committee members, of which not less than 21 days’ notice (stating the terms of the resolution to be proposed) shall be given. If the proposal is supported by voting the Management Committee shall have power to realise any assets held by or on behalf of the group. Any assets remaining after the satisfaction of any proper debts and liabilities shall be given or transferred to such other institution or institutions having objects similar to the objects of the Club as the members of the group may determine.



Friends of Shahnameh

دوستان شاهنامه

Vulnerable Adults Protection Policy

خط مشی محافظت از بزرگسالان آسیب پذیر

Friends of Shahnameh is committed to ensuring that vulnerable people who use our services are not abused and that working practices minimise the risk of such abuse. The needs of vulnerable adults must be considered. Friends of Shahnameh will ensure the safety and protection of all vulnerable adults involved through adherence to following the Vulnerable Adults Protection Policy.

دوستان شاهنامه متعهد هست که افراد آسیب پذیر که به گروه ملحق می‌شوند مورد سوءاستفاده قرار نگیرند و شیوه‌های کاری ما به گونه‌ای است که امکان چنین سوءاستفاده را به حداقل می رساند. دوستان شاهنامه از طریق پیروی از سیاست حفاظت از بزرگسالان آسیب پذیر، از ایمنی همه‌ی بزرگسالان آسیب پذیر مطمئن می‌شود.


Vulnerable adults are people who are over 18 years of age and are getting or may need help and services to live in the community. Vulnerable adults may be unable to take care of themselves and unable to protect themselves from harm or exploitation by other people.

بزرگسالان آسیب پذیر افرادی هستند که بالای 18 سال سن دارند و برای زندگی در جامعه به کمک احتیاج دارند. بزرگسالان آسیب پذیر ممکن است نتوانند از خود در برابر صدمه یا سوءاستفاده محافظت کنند. کسانی که در این تعریف می‌گنجند ممکن است افرادی باشند که از نظر فیزیکی یا عقلی ناتوان هستند، دچار بیماری فراموشی (الزایمر) یا بیماری‌های روانی هستند، در رابطه‌ی ناسالمی هستند و از آنها سوءاستفاده می‌شود، بی‌خانمان هستند، پناه‌جو هستند یا با زبان انگلیسی آشنایی کامل ندارند.


We can think of the following groups of people as ‘vulnerable adults’:

  • older people who are physically or mentally frail

  • people with learning disabilities

  • people with a mental health condition such as dementia or personality disorder

  • people who are ill and need help to carry out normal daily functions

  • people with physical disabilities

  • people who, for whatever reason, are in abusive relationships or are homeless

  • people who are seeking asylum or have refugee status

  • people who speak little English


Abuse can include:

  • physical

  • financial

  • material

  • sexual

  • psychological

  • discriminatory

  • emotional abuse

  • neglect

Abuse can take place in any setting, public or private, and can be perpetuated by anyone.

سوءاستفاده می‌تواند در اشکال مالی، جسمی، جنسی، عاطفی و رفتار تبعیض آمیز ظاهر شود و در هر محیطی (عمومی یا خصوصی) و توسط هر کسی صورت بگیرد.

Policy aims

The aim of the Friends of Shahnameh Vulnerable Adults Protection Policy is to promote good practice:

  • Providing vulnerable adults with appropriate safety and protection whilst in the care of Friends of Shahnameh.

  • Allow all volunteers to make informed and confident responses to specific vulnerable adult protection issues.

هدف دوستان شاهنامه تأمین امنیت و محافظت مناسب از بزرگسالان آسیب پذیری است که به فعالیت‌های دوستان شاهنامه می‌پیوندند. دوستان شاهنامه به موارد پیرامون بزرگسالان آسیب‌پذیر رسیدگی می‌کند.


Friends of Shahnameh is committed to a policy of equality of opportunity for its members. No member will be treated less favourably on the grounds of their sex, marital status, race, nationality or ethnic origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religion, working practices whether they have HIV and/or AIDS practices or whether they are pregnant or not.

The Equal Opportunities Policy will be communicated to members. Friends of Shahnameh is committed to the acceptance of disabled members.

Friends of Shahnameh believes that equality of opportunity is vital so that all members have a fair and equal chance of developing their abilities and realising their expectations and to make full and effective use of their potential. It is Friends of Shahnameh’s aim to create an environment free from discrimination and harassment based on respect,

Friends of Shahnameh recognises that discrimination exists and, as a voluntary organization, is committed to ensuring that such behaviour and attitudes are eliminated.

Discrimination and harassment will not be tolerated and will be dealt with

Friends of Shahnameh is committed to the principles of equality based on fairness and valuing the contribution of all its members.

Should a member believe they have experienced harassment, bullying or discrimination Friends of Shahnameh attempts to resolve the matter informally or invoke the formal complaint procedure. All cases will be taken seriously, dealt with quickly and treated with the utmost confidence. All such complaints will be viewed seriously and will be dealt with


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