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Friends of Shahnameh would like to thank each and every one who supported us by joining our programmes (face to face and virtual): poetry workshops, talks and interviews, our annual Commemoration Day of Ferdowsi celebrations and online exhibitions. Thanks to everyone who visited Friends of Shahnameh Facebook and Instagram pages.

Friends of Shahnameh greatly acknowledges the financial support of Forever Manchester and is grateful for the contribution of all artists and academics who supported us by submitted their drawings and shared their music and knowledge of Shahnameh since 2011.

Thanks to: Seyavosh Bagheryan, Prof. Jo Ann Cavallo, ِDr. Farzaneh Farokhfar, Dr. Soraya Feili, Firoozeh Fozoni, Dr Mahmmod Kavir, Seyamak Heravi, Dr. E. Karimi, Professor Charls Melvile, Dr. Firuza Melvile, Homayoon Nouroozi, Rahim Rahimzadeh, Majid Sadati, Dr. Mojgan Samadi and Abbas Shahsavar, Afsaneh Nekonam, Mr. M Hadad, Nosrat Bayati, Hassan Shabani, Manijeh Sadati and Pooran Shahdi. New friends are joining our poetry workshops and we are grateful for their support, too. 

In 2020 regretfully we lost Ostad Keyomars Bahirayi a friend whose valued contribution helped making Friends of Shahnameh a unique organisation in England. His friendship and support is greatly missed. We are also grateful for the contribution of beloved Ostad Karbalayi

Thanks to the management team: Ali Sadeghi, Homeyra Doostar and Mr. Hadad.

Dr Shahireh Sharif (Co-Founder and Creative Director of Friends of Shahnameh)

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