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Shahnameh, more than a Book of Kings

افتخار دارم که در مورد شاهنامه و داستان زال و رودابه صحبت کنم. جلسه به زبان انگلیسی است. بعد از شنیدن داستان بحثی خواهیم داشت در مورد اینکه آیا جوامع بشری امروزه بیشتر از زمان قدیم پذیرای تفاوت ها هستند یا نه؟ علاقمندان لطفا جای خود رزرو فرمایید.

Tues 16 March, 6.30 – 8pm Shahnameh – More Than a Book of Kings with Dr Shahireh Sharif In 940 AD in Paj (Pazh), on the outskirts of the city of Tus (Tous) in north eastern Iran, a boy was born. He grew up to become the creator of a palace made entirely of Persian poetry. His name was Ferdowsi and his masterpiece is called the Shahnameh, the ‘Book of Kings’. In Shahnameh – More Than a Book of Kings, we’ll be looking at stories and wisdom contained within the book. For example we look at the story of a boy whom is considered an outcast because he is born with white hair and white eyelashes. Is today's society more able to accept and embrace differences? Book through Eventbrite

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