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Our first uninterrupted session on Zoom

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Following our successful application in getting an award from

@4EVERManchester we had our first uninterrupted gathering through Zoom last night. Our first zoom meeting with the newly acquired pro account, for me as the host, meant that I could focus on the management of the session rather than worrying when we would be cut off. thanks @4EVERManchester. Below are the comments that some of our group members provided:

Dear Dr. Sharif,that is cool we have the first session without break!!! more concentration , more useful time and more activity ,thanks. (HN)

Thank you for this enjoyable session. It is really nice to participate in this meeting for the first time without any interruptions. (FD)

Thank you to those sponsors who supported us in having the Friends of Shahnameh workshops without disruption - very helpful and very much appreciated. Thank you. (HS)

Hi Dr Sharif; WE are delighted to have uninterrupted Zoom sessions. Please pass our gratitude to Sessions,s financial sponsors. (EK)

Thank you for your efforts which allowed us to enjoy an uninterrupted session. (P)

Thank you for supporting us for our session without interruption, it was very enjoyable. (M)

I would like to thank you for upgrading our zoom facilities by giving us extended time. (SF)

I am a regular participant of Friends of Shahnameh's weekly Workshop on the ‘Book of Kings’, composed by Ferdowsi the great Persian Poet. For the past twelve months our group has gathered regularly every Thursday to explore the invaluable contents of this epic book. To facilitate our sessions, the free version of Zoom has used. However; due to time constraint, our sessions were always interrupted in the middle. For myself and on behalf of the other members of the group, I would like to express our gratitude for providing us with the professional version of Zoom, which will enable us to hold the full session without any interruption, thus enhancing the quality of our sessions. (MS)

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