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Halabja, a black-whole

Images of dead bodies left on the streets and inside half-destroyed houses after the chemical weapon assault on Halabja can still be replayed in my mind.

"Why do they keep showing these horrified images on TV", I asked in 1988.

"So the world won't be able to deny or forget it", was the reply given.

"How can such atrocities be ever forgiven?" I am still asking in 2021.

Saddam was the world's sweetheart during the Iran-Irag war = Fact

Chemical weapons were used by Saddam = Fact

Iraq did not posses the know how and materials for developing chemical weapons = Fact

"Saddam was executed by hanging on 30 December 2006 but in his trials Saddam Hussein was not charged by the Iraqi Special Tribunal for crimes against humanity based on the events at Halabja*" = Fact

Some of the so called "law-obeying" and "civilised" counties got away with a massacre by supplying chemical weapons to Saddam's government = A probable conclusion

There must be others who know about the deadly transaction between these unknown mercheens of chemical weapons and Saddam's government. Before they are dead or prosecuted after a fast trial the facts should be talked about and those involved should be named and, if sill alive, put on trial as war criminals.



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